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Start A Medical Transcription Home Business

Start A Medical Transcription Home Business

Medical transcriptionists swiftly and accurately interpret through doctor's dictation, the medical records of patients into medically and grammatically precise reports.

The interactions between the patient and his physician require transcription. Some of these include:

• Surgical procedures

• Medical consultations

• Diagnoses

• Prognoses

• Prescriptions

• Radiological or other laboratory results

• Dissemination of the patients “medical history”

• Autopsy reports

Medical transcription involves picking up dictation via tape, voice file and digital system using foot pedal for “start-stop” control, ear phones and a “word processing program”.

You can either choose to conduct medical transcription as an independent worker or an employee with benefits


Because the dictations involve many medical terminologies, you need to recognize, be familiar with and understand medical procedure, terminology and anatomy.

Likewise, English grammar and outstanding typing accuracy and speed are required, as well as keen listening ability and the patience to sit for hours through heavy concentration.


A “certified medical transcription” title will be beneficial in demonstrating your expertise when looking for clients.

You need to invest in your training, except if you had “on-the-job” experience or healthcare background.

“Medical transcription programs” costs vary, averaging 3,000 dollars.

You can start only to promote yourself being a “certified medical transcriptionist” if you successfully have completed the examination on certification governed by the AAMT or “American Association for Medical Transcription”.

Once you have obtained the certification, fulfilling “recertification requirements” are necessary periodically to uphold this credential, by way of continuing education programs.

Medical transcription courses can be taken through these formats:

• Community college course

• Correspondence distance education

• Vocational school

• Internet learning courses

Setting up the home office

You will also be investing in your home equipment and put up a workspace.

Necessary equipments are a “Dictaphone with foot pedal” or any other equivalent telephone devices to accept dictation, headset, PC with “word processing” capability, medical dictionary and manual resources for pharmacology and anatomy, medical spellchecker as well as extensive abbreviation tool like Smartype or Instant Text.


Many medical transcriptionists are charging per page while others charge per hour. If you can type fast, it will be beneficial to both you and your clients if you charge per hour. Whereas if your typing speed is on the average, you can charge per page.

Medical transcription work

Whereas majority of medical transcriptionists work at home alone, your healthcare industry provides networking opportunities and continuing education as well that might be worth checking.

Thankfully, there is the Internet, where medical transcriptionists are able to offer their services from anywhere, download files, transcribe and submit to clients through it.


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